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Michael Torchia after Hair Transplant Michael Torchia.
To me, having a full head of hair again is an important part of looking and feeling physically fit - from head to toe.
James Naill after Hair Transplant James Naill.
I wore a hairpiece, but it was never the right color or fit. Now people ask if I've lost weight or if I'm working out. My girlfriends in awe, and I'm more satisfied. You won't believe the difference.

My Dearest Dr Khan,
I cannot begin to thank you enough for the change you have made in my life. You have given me a renewed confidence in what I love doing most of all, singing country music.
You have taken years of my appearance by your masterful and artistic touch. Therefore, I dedicate my 1st original song and video to you my friend. You have truly changed my life forever.

With all my heart and soul, Thank You, Lance Atkins Mckay

Renew Hair & Cosmetic Center


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Renew Hair & Cosmetic Center is a world-renowned surgery center specializing in the complete restoration of natural growing hair to previously bald or thinning areas.

We are preeminently qualified beyond any competition to perform these procedures not only due to our skill and technical expertise, but also because we invented many of the surgical implements and procedures used today worldwide.

TRUST your care to the finest service available in its field.  Renew Hair & Cosmetic Center has been called the best hair transplant surgery center operating in the world today by other hair transplant surgeons who have relied on Renew Hair & Cosmetic Center services for their own hair restoration. We welcome you to for our free consultation.

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